Marrowbone Lane [Redux] 12" LP


  • Image of Marrowbone Lane [Redux] 12" LP
  • Image of Marrowbone Lane [Redux] 12" LP
  • Image of Marrowbone Lane [Redux] 12" LP
  • Image of Marrowbone Lane [Redux] 12" LP
  • Image of Marrowbone Lane [Redux] 12" LP

Our 2013 absolute rager of an album "Marrowbone Lane" is back in the webstore at long last - with a fresh new look about itself and a whole load of reasons for you to buy it even if you already own a copy!

Pressed on beautiful "Raspberry Ripple" coloured vinyl, no two copies will look the exact same. Some will be a slightly faint blend of white & pink marble, while others will be very vibrant in the amount of pink that runs through the white vinyl. Each one is completely unique. Just like a child.

Featuring an updated back cover layout, new colour scheme on the labels, and a never-before-seen insert page containing lyrics and photos - this 2018 redux of Marrowbone Lane has probably got just enough fancy bits included in it to convince you that it's a worthwhile purchase. Oh and it's also got a matte laminated sleeve!! And it's shrink-wrapped!! How professional!!!

Ships worldwide.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Fuck Team Sports
2. Language
3. Just Like Me
4. Crosshairs
5. An Emigrant's Wake
6. Holy Communion
7. One Good Shirt

Side B
8. Let Me Let You Down
9. Sons & Mothers
10. Thick & Thicker
11. The Cutting Room Floor
12. Marrowbone Lane

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