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The Scratch - Couldn't Give a Rats - Vinyl & T-Shirt bundle

  • The Scratch - Couldn't Give a Rats - Vinyl & T-Shirt bundle
  • The Scratch - Couldn't Give a Rats - Vinyl & T-Shirt bundle
  • The Scratch - Couldn't Give a Rats - Vinyl & T-Shirt bundle
  • The Scratch - Couldn't Give a Rats - Vinyl & T-Shirt bundle

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM AND IS EXPECTED TO SHIP IN LATE MAY. We would ask you to understand that vinyl pressing turnaround windows can be fluid at the best of times, but you WILL receive updates with expected shipping dates when the records arrive with us. Please do not contact us before you receive communication asking where your record is, but do feel free to let us know of changes of delivery address etc. ***

But with that said...

It's finally here!!! The Scratch's exceptional debut album, Couldn't Give a Rats, is now available for pre-order for you to hold in your hands and feast your eyes & ears on one of the most ambitious vinyl releases to date on Chewy Record Corp. You've heard it on digital format already, and you love it - but you're gonna love it so much more when you can actually hold it in your hands and see that artwork up close.

Limited to a first pressing of just 500 copies, this absolutely sensational banger of a record has seen us pull out all the stops for you to own something truly special, and something that you will cherish for many years to come. Couldn't Give a Rats comes not only as a 2xLP, but as a striped Irish tricolour 2xLP, housed in a matte finish gatefold sleeve, and shrink-wrapped to preserve factory level standards of pure freshness from the vinyl press. Pro tip - if you buy two copies and keep one in the shrink-wrap, it will most likely increase in value by tenfold in years to come once these lads are snapped up by a major label and are doing arena tours. Just sayin'.

This bundle also includes an extremely limited, once-off, preorder-only Couldn't Give a Rats T-Shirt. You'll be able to spot other Top Class Cunts on the various streets of Ireland while wearing yours, which might just be the icebreaker that we all need once we're all released from lockdown and want to make friends with literally every person we see out and about. These t-shirts use direct-to-garment printing, which means the image gets transferred into the fabric itself and feels ever so smooth. The design features the classic pocket print / back print combo - with the band name resting gently and lovingly above the nipple, while the back of the garment is home to 4 striking images of the lads, the iconic bird logo, and the album title. Tees will be printed to order and will ship separately to the records, around the same time that the records are dispatched - just pointing that out in case one shows up before the other and you think we had forgotten the other half of your order!

Not only that, but everyone who pre-orders this album will get a free photo-zine that includes some seriously gas snaps from the lads' phone camera rolls, pics that didn't make the cut from their hilarious album cover photo shoot, and some bits of writing from people involved with making the record that'll give you some further insight into the songs, recording process, and the band themselves. This zine will not be available to buy anywhere outside of pre-orders for this album.

A1 - Pull Your Jocks Up
A2 - Dollar Bill
A3 - Excuse
B1 - War of the Buttons
B2 - Session Song
B3 - God Slap
C1 - SeanchaĆ­
C2 - Old Spirit
C3 - Rat King
D1 - Birdie
D2 - Underworld

A final note on pricing and P&P costs: Due to the nature of vinyl records having maximum recommended playing times per side, the decision was made to press this album as a double LP as opposed to sacrificing audio quality, or even worse, the track listing. As a result, the cost of manufacturing these records is essentially double what it would have been had it been on a single LP. The same goes for shipping - we're essentially paying to send 2 records to you, and shipping costs are calculated by weight. We thought it was important to mention this in case you thought anyone was trying to rip you off.