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Chewy / Stax ripoff t-shirt


  • Image of Chewy / Stax ripoff t-shirt
  • Image of Chewy / Stax ripoff t-shirt

Stu wishes we were signed to Stax Records so much that he made us get these done so that when we eventually sell 500,000 of these, maybe a Stax label exec will see one and go "hey guys you know what, you're signed!", which will then lead to us having a big fight about whether or not to stay DIY or fulfil Stu's lifelong dream of having a record released on Stax. The fight will not end well and we will break up as a result of it. So buy this t-shirt to speed up the process!!!!

Hand component drawn by our good friend Lee Brown who works as a very talented tattoo artist who you should check out via his instagram page.
Text component typed out by Sos with help from one of those online font identifier websites.